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Stop Golf Cart Theft with an Alarm

| Golf Carts | April 27, 2011

With the summer approaching many golf cart owners are bringing their carts out of winter hibernation and preparing them for the rigours of the golf season. Engines are being serviced, tire pressures checked and bodywork cleaned. But, with the new golf season comes an increased threat of theft.

Golf Cart on Truck

A Target for Theft; Expensive Custom Golf Carts Easily Fit on Trucks

Golf carts are an attractive target for theft as a new cart costs several thousand dollars and custom golf carts can cost $10,000 or more. Stolen carts can be transported to the other side of the country and re-sold to unknowing buyers. Custom carts can have their parts stripped and sold on through local ads or on the internet. With the growth in the cart market there are many buyers hungry for a deal on a cheap cart or parts which adds further incentive for the thieves.

Authorities are already seeing an increase in golf cart theft in areas where there is a lot of golf cart use in the community. This problem is on the increase as golf carts become a popular choice for transport within retirement communities and as a LEV choice. Most golf courses do take security seriously for their fleet of golf carts, but individual owners may keep their golf carts parked on their driveway or in a car port. This gives easy access to a would be thief or vandal.

A golf cart is light and small enough to be moved on the back of a pick-up truck so it can be quietly and easily taken away without the owner realizing. Without any security or anti-theft devices this makes it all too easy for the thief.

So, How Do You Prevent Golf Cart Theft?

If you're not able to secure your golf cart in a garage or at the cart compound at your golf course then there are a few options.

  • Golf Cart Alarm - Many auto security companies are now offering alarm system for golf carts that operate in a similar way to a car alarm. The alarm will sound if the cart is tampered with or is moved, and the battery is cut off when armed to prevent someone driving it away. The alarm will also provide peace of mind when you are out driving your cart and have to park it away from home.
  • Chain it to Something Immovable - The easiest solution to prevent theft is to secure your cart using a cable lock system that wraps through your cart. This will make it more difficult for a theft to occur and you cart may be less attractive for theft, at least compared to the unsecured cart further down the street.
  • Fit a Secondary Key System - You should always remove the key when leaving the cart unattended, but most carts use the same key so it can be easy to drive off in someone else's cart. Fitting a secondary key system to which there is a unique key will prevent this type of theft.

Although golf cart theft is on the increase, there are a few options to reduce the likelihood of theft and as long as the same attention to security is applied as you would to your car, then you won't be a victim.

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2 Responses to “Stop Golf Cart Theft with an Alarm”

  1. Steve Biggles on April 29, 2011 @ 12:14 am

    There’s some pesky kids in my neighborhood that have damaged my cart, a loud alarm would scare them off.

  2. Steve Biggles on May 3, 2011 @ 4:56 pm

    I’m definitely going to fit some sort of alarm to my new Club Car cart.