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Visage Golf Cart Management System Aims to Reduce Costs

| Club Car, Golf Carts, On the Course | May 20, 2011

Visage Golf Cart Information System

The Visage golf cart information system shows every shot distance, and a lot more besides.

Last year Club Car launched a golf cart management system called Visage. Guardian SVC (satellite vehicle control) is a GPS based mobile information system aids in the management of golf carts on golf courses with the aim of reducing costs and increasing revenues for the course. These types of systems allow for golf carts to be tracked throughout the course enabling golf course operators to ensure an efficient flow of golfers through the course at any one time, with the aim of optimizing maximum number of golfers on the course. Golf carts can also be prevented from driving into certain areas, thus preserving golf turf conditions.

These types of systems are usually installed on resort type courses, but there has been a large number of private courses that are installing the Visage system during 2010. Since the Guardian SVC system was launched, through 9 months of 2010, Visage has been installed in over 9,000 golf carts and on 123 courses within the US.

When playing a course that is using the Visage system in their golf carts the golfer will get a large 10.2inch monitor screen mounted in the golf cart which displays information about each hole with flyby views. Distances to the pin and driver distances are displayed along with a score card for the current group and also for all groups if during a competition event.

Visage Golf Cart Management

Visage Guardian SVC gives golf course managers full control over their carts

For golf course managers the Visage Guardian SVC system allow you to keep track of every cart's position on the course giving your marshalls up to date information in their carts. As the system is able to programmed to avoid certain parts of the course, ground under repair areas for example, golf course superintendents will be able to maintain the course turf more effectively. Golf carts are also able to be slowed or even shut down if there is any vandalism taking place when they are being used. Pro shop and snack shop revenue can also be increased as golfers are able to order snacks from their cart and pro shop offers and notices can be flashed up on the screen.

The costs of the system vary between $40 and $62 per cart (as of January 2011), and offers better features and value than existing technologies. This system can be installed on Club Car's Prescedent and DS gas and electric golf carts.

This system offers advantages to both golf course managers and players alike, and how long before this sort of technology comes as standard equipment on all new golf carts?

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