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Electric Hummer Street Legal Golf Cart Released by GM

| Electric Golf Carts, On the Street | June 20, 2011

Hummer Electric Street Legal Golf Cart

The new MEV Hummer HX street legal electric golf cart

General Motors has recently unveiled an electric street legal golf cart that looks like a Hummer H2. The design of the new MEV Hummer HX is based on the Hummer HX concept vehicle that was revealed by GM in 2008.

As it's been over a year since the last Hummer came off the production line this vehicle is the only way to get a Hummer-like SUV experience. The MEV Hummer HX is designed for to be street legal and is aimed to residents of the golf "resort communities" that are springing up all over the US recently. Priced at $16,000, the MEV Hummer HX gives you the aggressive look of the original full-sized Hummer but not the shameful environmental impact.

Featuring all the required safety features such as headlights, turn signals, brake lights, windshield with wipers and rear-view mirrors, this vehicle will likely pass all requirements for being classed as a street legal vehicle in those jurisdictions that allow MEVs.

Powering the MEV Hummer HX is a 3.75HP electric motor, which can be upgraded to a high performance 5.5HP version for an additional $1,475 on the basic price. This will be considerably better for the environment that the gas-guzzling V8 that powered the full sized Hummer.

The Hummer HX is equipped with "H2" embroidered upholstery, a custom floor kit, polished wheels, side rails, a rear license plate, a painted front grille, H2 logos on the sides and rear, a HUMMER embossed rear bumper, and an H2 body kit licensed by General Motors. The HX MEV can also be ordered in a 6 seat limo golf cart version for $3,874 extra or an 8 passenger version for $4,974 extra.

Although this will be an "official" licensed Hummer golf cart, it still has a large price premium over other replica Hummer electric custom golf carts that are available.

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