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Lifted Golf Cart Shows How It’s Done Off-Road

| Gas Golf Carts, Lifted Carts, Off Road | June 9, 2011

If you think a gas golf cart is only suited to cart paths on your local course, then think again. This video shows us what a lifted golf cart is capable of when driving off-road.

You shouldn't assume that a standard off-the-shelf gas golf cart can be driven on this type of off-road terrain. Featuring a golf cart lift kit and all-terrain golf cart tires, this lifted golf cart is fitted with the right parts to make sure that it performs on tough terrain. This combination of custom parts gives greater ground clearance for the terrain and better grip on slippery surfaces.

This cart also features a V-twin engine conversion to give more power, most likely a Briggs and Stratton. This is a popular gas golf cart engine swap and can yield 16HP - 25HP depending on the engine that is used.

If you're thinking of taking your lifted golf cart off-road, don't forget to fit safety gear to your cart such as seat belts, brush guards and you may need replacement body panels in case things go wrong!!

If you've taken your lifted golf cart off-road, please tell us about your experiences.

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One Response to “Lifted Golf Cart Shows How It’s Done Off-Road”

  1. Notice the driver is always wearing a crash helmet. A good idea to protect his head in case of a roll over.