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Enzo Ferrari Golf Cart Brings Speed to the Golf Course

| Custom Carts, News, On the Street | July 28, 2011

Enzo Ferrari Custom Golf Cart

This Enzo Ferrari golf cart will get you to the next tee in a hurry

Pennwick have only been around the golf cart scene for a few short years but are producing some of the nicest custom golf carts money can buy. This is their latest creation, an Enzo Ferrari lookalike based on a Club Car electric golf cart.

The Pennwick F5 is finished in Ferrari red and costs $20,500 in its base form. For this price you get a 4HP motor capable of 20MPH. This is not quite in the performance territory of the 651HP 6.0L V12 found in the real Enzo Ferrari, but Pennwick do offer speed upgrades for an additional cost. You can pay for an upgrade to a 6hp motor that will raise the top speed to 25 mph, if you are a real speed freak an 18hp motor can be installed that will allow you to go up to 40mph. That's pretty quick for a golf cart!!

The F5 Enzo Ferrari golf cart seems to be aimed at those who need a street legal golf cart as it is equipped as standard with headlights, tail lights, turn signals, side mirrors and an electric horn. In most jurisdictions this is what is needed to be able to drive a golf cart on the highway. With all that power on tap a battery charge indicator and hour meter helps you keep an eye on the remaining power levels and range.

Optional extras that can be specified include leather seats, audio system, larger 15" alloy wheels, hard top and a golf bag holder so it can be used on the golf course. Pennwick also offer a gas engine option which will help the cart sound a bit more like a real Enzo Ferrari. Well, sort of.

In any case this will be the cheapest way to get the Enzo Ferrari looks without paying the $1,000,000+ price tag of the real deal.

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