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Solar Powered Golf Carts Used by Fort Knox Police

| Electric Golf Carts, News, On the Street | August 26, 2011

Fort Knox Police Solar Powered Golf Cart

The police force guarding Fort Knox are now using solar powered golf carts, much to their displeasure

The military police that guard the nations gold reserve at Fort Knox have recently taken delivery of several electric golf carts. What’s interesting about them is that they are fitted with golf cart solar panels to help Pentagon efforts to become more environmentally conscious and to reduce running costs.

“Their top speed was 25 mph for 25 minutes,” said Bob Knoll, the vehicle manager at DES. “That’s not helpful for the DES.”

The electric golf carts at Fort Knox originally didn't hold a charge long enough for most police uses, so they weren't that popular with the officers who had to use them.

After the golf carts were retro-fitted with solar panels they were able to run all day without being recharged from mains power. This ensures that there is no downtime and makes them more suitable for many more police uses.

"It's a win-win situation," said Lt. Col. Robert Schiller, the Fort Knox provost marshal. "I get access in large crowds and can still help people. The cart is small enough to maneuver but large enough to hold a stretcher if there's a medical situation. I expect to use (the carts) at the big concert this weekend."

With the recent record levels of gold prices and the fact that Fort Knox holds over 5000 tonnes of Federal Reserve gold, it's reassuring to know that the police force that protects it has reliable vehicles, even though they are golf carts. But I'm sure Goldfinger would of found a way to evade them!!

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