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Libya Rebels Capture Qaddafi's Golf Cart

| Golf Carts, News | September 3, 2011

The Libyan rebels recently took control of the nations capitol of Tripoli and have been parading the spoils of their victory through the streets, in this case with Qaddafi’s prized golf cart.

Qaddafi's golf cart was found in his private compound and this prominent symbol of his power is now in rebel hands. As with many dictators who are overthrown the excesses of their luxury lifestyles is shown to the populace and the wider world. This was the case with Saddam Hussain and his marble palaces, expensive supercars and golden guns, and the rebels are finding similar trappings of wealth with the Qaddafi family.

Qaddafi's golf cart has been fitted with a golf cart enclosure, probably to protect the leader from sandstorms, rather than the rain and cold weather that most of us would encounter on a golf course.

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