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Humanix iSave SC1 is the Worlds Safest Golf Cart

| Electric Golf Carts, Golf Carts | November 2, 2011

The electric golf cart is a victim of its own success, with a recent sharp increase in injuries and fatalities on golf courses and on city streets. However, Japanese company Humanix are here to help and have created what could be the safest electric golf cart in the world, the iSave-SC1.

The Humanix iSAVE-SC1 is a air bag protected street legal electric vehicle resembling a three-wheeled golf cart. Its electric motor can propel it to up 30mph, but it's the safety features that grab our attention. The golf cart's injury causing plastic exterior body panels have been replaced with inflatable bladders constructed from tent fabric. This means that if you crash into a pedestrian, the ensuing contact should do little damage to either the victim or the cart.

The golf cart interior appears to feature several innovations that are usually found on passenger carts, such as 3 point seat belts, adjustable seats and what looks like a drivers side airbag. It does seem that this NEV is fully street legal as it does have rear view mirrors, a windshield wiper and head lights and tail lights.

Apparently the iSAVE-SC1 hits the Japanese market in early December, retailing for roughly $10,000, with a US-bound model shipping as early as next year. To be honest we're not sure how popular this "innovation" will be, but please tell us what you think.

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4 Responses to “Humanix iSave SC1 is the Worlds Safest Golf Cart”

  1. whoaa!!, that looks like a golf cart with a big bean bag attached to the front.

  2. it’s not the nicest looking golf cart that I’ve ever seen that’s for sure.

  3. Yeah, it’s hardly going to impress my buddies down at the course. They’ll laugh me off the course.

  4. I can’t see how it’s safer that a normal golf cart to drive on the street. Nice Honda wheels though.