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Sunmobile Solar Powered Electric Utility Vehicle is Launched

| Electric Golf Carts, News, On the Course | November 13, 2011

Sunmobile Solar Powered Golf Cart Utility Vehicle

Sunmobile Solar Powered Golf Cart Utility Vehicle

Gulf City Solar have developed the Sunmobile, a solar powered electric utility vehicle. We recently reported that the company installed its unique thin-film solar panels and power management systems on 125 carts at Citrus Hills Golf and Country Club north of Tampa. That made it the first solar powered golf cart fleet in the country, according to Hans Holzmann, Gulf City Solar principle.

Since then they have worked on developing their own solar powered golf carts and utility vehicles, as well as offering retro-fit golf cart solar panel kits. They are pitching the Sunmobile solar powered golf carts as fleet vehicles golf courses and resorts and at retirement communities where electric golf carts are the preferred means of transport. Fitted as standard with a cargo bed they are perfect for a golf course superintendent, resort manager or as a day-to-day workhorse for ground staff and work crews.

What sets this utility vehicle apart from the competition in this sector is the automatic recharging through the solar-panels giving almost free running costs, and stranded golf carts due to battery depletion are unheard of. Another unique feature is its four-wheel, independent suspension giving the Sunmobile solar powered golf cart a smooth ride. A built in on-board charger means that the electric cart can be plugged in to any outlet for charging without the need for any extra equipment.

One neat feature is that at a push of a switch the maximum running speed jumps from 15 mph to 25 mph, which makes this electric golf cart ideal for use on the street. Safety features such seat belts, mirrors and lights mean that it doesn't need any extra equipment fitted for use as a street legal vehicle on the public highway. Additional performance and range is provided by the proprietary power-management system that provides greater reliability and longer battery life.

The Sunmobile solar powered utility vehicle is a two seater as standard with a rear cargo bed but can be specified with a 4ft long cargo bed or as a 4-seater passenger vehicle. This flexibility in specification makes it an ideal NEV and utility vehicle for a variety of applications.

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