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Yamaha Offers Fuel Injection on Personal Transport Vehicles

| Golf Carts, News, Yamaha | November 29, 2011

Yamaha Gas Golf Cart with Fuel Injection

Yamaha introduces fuel injection on gas golf cart Personal Transport Vehicles. Photo - yamahagolfcar.com

The Yamaha Golf Car Company, located in Newnan Georgia, has just announced that they are introducing fuel injection on their gas powered golf cart Personal Transport Vehicles. This is a first in the golf cart industry as gas golf carts from other manufacturers use a carburetor to deliver fuel to their engines.

“We’re excited to be the first golf car manufacturer to offer Electronic Fuel Injection to our customers” says Tom McDonald, president of Yamaha Golf-Car Company.

Fuel injection offers several advantages over traditional carbureted engines that are currently in use, including:

  • No choke required.
  • Cleaner burning with less exhaust emissions.
  • Smoother, more responsive acceleration.
  • No need to re-jet to compensate for less dense air in higher altitudes.
  • The smallest carbon footprint of any gasoline powered golf car.
  • Improved gas mileage.

This translates to a gas golf cart that has improved running costs (decreased gas costs and maintenance) and better drivability. The cost savings could be significant for golf course fleet managers.

Yamaha Personal Transport Vehicles are based on golf carts and include The DRIVE PTV. The Drive golf cart is aimed for use as a cost effective and efficient way of getting around a local community. Although not fully street-legal, The Drive PTV has some of the features that you would find on this type of vehicle, including headlights, tail lights and turn signals.

The gas powered Drive PTV currently uses the Yamaha built 357F gasoline engine, which at 357cc's, produces 11.4 horsepower. Already the industry's most fuel efficient gas motor, fuel injection will likely improve gas mileage and further lower emissions.

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