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Precision Golf Cart Drill Team @ The Villages

| Custom Carts, Golf Carts, On the Street | December 8, 2011

We've all heard of precision motorcycle drill teams and horse riding drill teams, but how about a golf cart drill team?

You could only find this at The Villages in Florida, the resort community with over 50,000 golf carts that are used by the residents to get around the complex. We've already looked at the custom golf carts that populate this "town" in a CBS News Sunday Morning show segment.

The Villages, also home to several golf courses designed by Arnold Palmer and Nancy Lopez, has long promoted street legal golf cart use as a safe and convenient means for their residents to get around. A huge number of custom golf carts can be seen driving around every day and the carts also feature in the community events that are regularly held throughout the year.

The display in the video by The Precision Golf Cart Drill Team was performed at The Villages Polo Club on October 30th, 2011. The Drill Team consists of 25 golf carts driven by their intrepid owners and the display is choreographed under the direction of Irene Howe.

One can only imagine the amount of practice that goes into a driving display like this, and we tip our hats to all involved.

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