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E-Z-Go Exceed Hybrid Golf Cart System Extends Battery Range

| E-Z-Go, Electric Golf Carts, News | January 23, 2012

E-Z-Go Exceed Hybrid Golf Cart

The E-Z-Go Exceed Hybrid gas generator extends their electric cart range by up to 150miles

Late last year E-Z-Go launched their Exceed Hybrid Technology™ as an option for factory ordered electric golf carts. This gas generator hybrid system will be shortly available as a dealer installed kit for any Freedom RXV golf cart or 2Five street-legal vehicle.

The Exceed Hybrid is a supplemental 48V gas generator power source for E-Z-GO electric carts that can extend the travel range of their electric carts by up to 150 miles on a single charge. The 6hp, 205cc gas powered generator recharges the golf cart batteries on the fly allowing the cart to have a extended range on a single battery charge. E-Z-Go are keen to add that the gas generator is environmentally friendly with low emissions.

As an added bonus a standard 120-volt electrical outlet is mounted in the carts' dash so you can power your phone, golf GPS, radio or any other electrical device. The Exceed system kicks out an impressive 400watts of power so you can plug a lot of stuff into your cart.

The Exceed system itself sits in the vehicle's rear bagwell and is covered by a protective molding which gives the whole thing a factory look. We're not sure about how your golf bags will fit after the Exceed generator is installed, as they will sit a lot higher making grabbing a club a bit more of a challenge. But we're thinking this range extending hybrid system will be more suited to commercial industry and street-legal carts that are hampered by the limited range of standard electric carts.

In fact, in the video below the street legal carts fitted with the Exceed system look great with the generator hidden by a rear facing seat or a cargo box.

E-Z-Go claim that an Exceed-equipped 2Five cart can get 150 miles between charging, but this will vary depending on the cart's load, weather conditions, the terrain, and any optional equipment installed. Read that as; the heavier the cargo and the hillier the terrain, the less the range. For more info on the E-Z Go Exceed system go here.

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