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Hummer H2 Custom Golf Cart with Bling

| Custom Carts, Used Golf Cart of the Week | January 27, 2012

Hummer H2 Custom Golf Cart for Sale

This Hummer custom golf cart can be yours for $38,000. A lot of money, for a lot of cart.

If you like your SUV’s big and imposing then this might be the custom golf cart for you. This week’s “Used Golf Cart of the Week” was created by “Bad Ass Golf” who are known in the industry for creating some of the wildest custom carts around.

Created for the HBO show “Hard Knocks” a few years ago this custom electric golf cart has been displayed at the SEMA auto show in Las Vegas. It started out as an 48V electric golf cart before being fitted with a Hummer golf cart body.

Since then it has been extensively upgraded with a custom paint job, 20 inch chrome rims, DVD system with multiple LCD screens in the visors.

The ad says this celebrity used golf cart was created for a 14 year old kid in the entertainment business. If you're not allowed to drive the real thing, then a custom cart will have to do.

What's great about this cart is you'll be able to intimidate other road users as it seems to be street legal, as it's fitted with DOT tires, mirrors, turn signals/lights, and seat belts. So if you live in a private community or if your town allows street legal golf carts, and you need a ride that screams "BLING" then this cart is for you.

This level of custom doesn't come cheap and the Hummer cart will set you back a cool $38,000, but that's probably a lot less than it originally cost to build. Check out the ad for more pics at the Bad Ass Golf Carts site here.

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One Response to “Hummer H2 Custom Golf Cart with Bling”

  1. Bill Cartling on January 27, 2012 @ 1:36 pm

    Wow, this golf cart costs as much as a real used Hummer.