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CartLink Laser Rangefinder at the 2012 Golf Industry Show in Las Vegas

| Golf Cart Accessories, Golf Carts, On the Course | February 22, 2012

Cartlink Golf Cart Laser Rangefinder

Cartlink Golf Cart Laser Rangefinder is to be showcased at the 2012 Golf Industry Show

If you’ve played golf at many of the hundreds of resort courses in North America you’ve no doubt seen the GPS based shot distance displays in the golf carts, such as the Visage system from Club Car.

An alternative to complicated GPS based systems has been launched by Laser Link Golf and is to be shown at the 2012 Golf Industry Show in Las Vegas at the end of this month. Their Cartlink system is based on laser rangefinder technology, which is arguably more accurate than GPS based systems.

CartLink is a simpler and more affordable way for a golf course to offer the distance measurements to the flags within their golf cart fleet, compared to GPS systems. GPS based systems often offer features that the golf course may not actually need and the CartLink system offers accurate shot distances for players in its simplest form.

Dan Steiner, vice president of marketing at Laser Link Golf. "Getting your golf course installed with our Laser Link reflectors is one of the simplest and best ways to improve the player experience at your club. Add CartLink into the mix, and you have a player-focused solution that is sure to impress your clientele."

There are already over 3000 courses that use Laser Link reflectors atop their flag sticks to enable accurate use of laser rangefinders, and they can be cheaply used by any course. So there is potential for this system to be added to golf carts at a lot of courses in the country. The handheld CartLink laser rangefinder is tethered to the cart and can be easily held by the player to get a readout of the distance to the cup.

Of interest to golf course superintendents and cart fleet managers, Laser Link Golf will be located in Booth # 756 at the 2012 Golf Industry Show in Las Vegas, February 29 - March 1. Laser Link Golf

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