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Club Car Launches 19mph Xcelerator Kits for Gas Golf Carts

| Club Car, Gas Golf Carts, On the Street | February 17, 2012

Club Car DS Player Xcelerator

Club Car have launched the Xcelerator kit to increase the top speed of their gas carts from 15mph to 19mph

One of the main problems that gas golf cart owners face when using their carts to drive on the roads in their gated, retirement and rural communities is that they don’t have enough performance.

A cart designed for use on a golf course has its top speed limited to 15mph by the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) directives. So when they are used away from the course many find their performance wanting.

Club Car have come to the rescue with their new Xcelerator speed kit. The Xcelerator kit for Club Car golf carts can be fitted on new or existing carts and gives the gas cart a increased top speed of 19mph. The Xcelerator kit, manufactured by Club Car, can be installed at the factory on a new cart or on your cart by your nearest Club Car dealer. The great thing about this kit is that it will not void your cart's warranty, which will be a relief for those with newer carts.

"To meet the needs of these customers, Club Car has launched a new 19-mph upgrade known as the Xcelerator for its gasoline golf cars, creating the only factory-authorized upgrade for Club Car vehicles on the market," said Mary A. Sicard, Club Car's consumer marketing manager. "These kits allow users to purchase new 19-mph vehicles or affordably upgrade their vehicles, without sacrificing performance"

Xcelerator kits can be used on all new and most used Club Car gas golf carts, including all two or four passenger carts. The kit comes with all the parts needed for the speed increase, including a drive clutch, driven clutch, CVT belt, accelerator cable and associated hardware.

As they are engineered by Club Car for their own carts they will be easy to fit and won't affect any other aspect of your carts performance. When specified with a new cart the Xcelerator option is $350 and as a dealer fitted kit to your existing cart it will set you back $584.

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