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Batman Tumbler Golf Cart Fights Crime at the Warner Bros Studio

| Custom Carts, Electric Golf Carts, Golf Carts, On the Street | March 28, 2012

Batman Tumbler Golf Cart

If Batman played golf then this would be his golf cart.

After a stressful day chasing villains in Gotham City there’s nothing that Batman likes more that enjoying a round of golf at his local course. Unfortunately this is not a prop from the new movie in the hyper-popular Batman film franchise, The Dark Knight Rises, it’s a custom golf cart that belongs to a Warner Bros movie studio producer.

Big Batman fan Ray Griggs who is a writer and producer at Warner commissioned Marc Irvin of Marc's Creature Company (MCC FX) to make this Tumbler electric golf cart a couple of years ago so he could use it to drive around the large Warner Bros movie studio lot.

Just like a lot of companies who have their facilities and buildings spread over a large area Warner Brothers' staff drive golf carts to get from one place of work to another. To get from sound stages to film sets to editing studios, you'll see lots of golf carts flying around the Warner lot when you visit. In fact, during a Warner Bros. tour you'll sit in a multi-passenger limo golf cart to get around.

This Batman golf cart was initially thought to be owned by Christopher Nolan, the director of the recent Dark Knight movies, but that turned out to be incorrect. Ray stepped forward on the internet and claim responsibility for this awesome cart.

The Batman Tumbler cart is fitted with a 6HP 4,600 RPM electric motor coupled to a 500 Amp Controller and has been clocked at 35MPH, although its top speed is known only to the Dark Knight himself and maybe also by his faithful butler Alfred. An onboard golf cart charger is fitted which allows the cart to be plugged into a regular power socket whenever it's running low on juice.

Batman Tumbler Custom Golf Cart Rear

Jet engine exhaust to the rear

Batman Tumbler Golf Cart Side

Golf cart parking space is almost too small for the huge dual 28 inch Super Swamper rear wheels

Last summer this used golf cart was for sale on eBay but there's no word in internet land as to if it sold and for how much. We're sure this is one of the best custom golf carts we've ever seen and it would make an impression street legal cart.

To get an idea of how much work (and money) it took to put this Batman cart together have a look at this video.

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