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Local Motion Electric Vehicle is the Social Golf Cart for Campuses

| Electric Golf Carts, News, On the Street | March 16, 2012

Local Motion Social Electric Golf Cart Vehicle

Local Motion's electric vehicle is a 4-passenger cart that is aimed at educational and corporate campuses. Here pictured on launch day with Israeli President Shimon Peres in the front passenger seat.

Local Motion have just launched their “social” electric vehicle for use on corporate campuses that allows passengers to book rides via their iPhone. The vehicle looks like a cross between a golf cart and an Arial Atom sports car with an exposed “chassis” and a doorless design allowing the passengers to easily hop on or off.

Electric golf carts have been used for many years to ferry people around large industrial, commercial and university campuses. In fact Google have their own self-driving golf carts to get staff around their Googleplex campus.

Local Motion's EV allows four passengers to be transported in safety, all with seat belts, and a techie RFID-tag corporate badge allows you to start it and drive away. Passengers can book a ride to their chosen destination with an iPhone app that tells you when to expect a pick up. An LED sign on the front of the EV shows the destination for any en-route passenger pick ups.

The company touts reduced running costs, greater efficiency and ease of maintenance of their vehicles as the main attractions to potential new customers. This EV is not just for large college and corporate campuses as it's also street legal with a few additional modifications.

Arial Atom Plus Electric Golf Cart Equals Local Motion

Arial Atom plus electric golf cart equals Local Motion?

There's no word on the price or battery range of this electric vehicle but several Silicon Valley companies have already signed up for their pilot program, including Google. Whether corporations will switch to these modern funky designed EV's from their existing golf carts that they use to bus their staff around their acreages remains to be seen. The Local Motion vehicle certainly looks a lot nicer than a typical golf cart for sale but it will have to prove its worth with low running and maintenance costs if it's to become a popular choice.

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