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WIO Fuel Cell Golf Cart Brings Green Design to the Course

| Golf Carts, News, On the Course | March 14, 2012

WIO Fuel Cell Golf Cart

The WIO Fuel Cell golf cart brings green design to the course

Golf has always been seen as an old man’s sport but with modern players such as Tiger Woods and now Rory McIlroy it’s attracting younger fans away from other sports. Another way it can try to attract young players is with golf carts that have funky design and green credentials. The WIO Fuel Cell Golf Cart is a design for a cart that does just that.

The WIO golf cart is powered by a fuel cell engine developed by University of Applied Sciences in Amberg-Weiden/Germany which is far more environmentally friendlier than the usual gas or electric golf carts. This will appeal to the younger environmentally conscious activist that might be concerned about the "green" impact of golf courses.

The WIO Fuel Cell cart has a clean and modern design, and could even be described as "hip", and should appeal to younger hi-tech iPhone crowd. Designed by Stephanie Wackernagel, the fuel cell is fitted into the floorpan and four in-wheel motors give it a top speed of 26km/h.

The cart is controlled by a multifunctional sidestick and has a touchscreen display is located on the center console, this is sufficiently techie for the iPhone generation who will be able figure out how to drive it in no time at all. To further add to it's green credentials it's made from vegetable fiber composites ensuring it's lightweight to further improve energy efficiency.

Although this is just a concept vehicle design we can predict that hydrogen fuel cell technology could be a potential golf cart power option in the future. Running costs will be a lot cheaper than either gas or golf cart battery technologies and with an added bonus of a reduced carbon footprint to boot. Auto companies are investing millions in fuel cell research and a golf cart engine could be a feasible spin-off from an auto power plant.

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