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European Car Lookalike Custom Golf Carts Offer Luxury and Style

| Custom Carts, Electric Golf Carts, Golf Carts | April 10, 2012

Euro Car Custom Golf Carts

Euro cars offer performance and style, which you can get with these custom golf carts

The great thing about custom golf carts is that you can personalize them to your exact tastes. Add shiny big wheels, an off-road lift kit or a loud stereo system and your golf cart makes a statement about you. They're exactly like road cars in that respect. And if there's a particular European road car that you like, why not get a golf cart that is styled after it.

What we have here are five luxury golf carts that look like road car models from the likes of Ferrari, Mercedes Benz and Rolls Royce. These carts don't come cheap, with a completely new golf cart body kit, leather interiors and custom options puts their prices into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Porsche Cayenne Golf Cart

Porsche Cayenne Golf Cart

Europe's favorite SUV, the Porsche Cayenne in golf cart form

Porsche is well known as a sports car company, but it's best selling model of modern times is the Porsche Cayenne SUV. This Cayenne golf cart was commissioned by Hans-Peter Porsche, the grandson of the company's founder, and the Porsche Engineering Group developed two for use at Spain's Alcanada Golf Course.

This mini-Cayenne has an 3.2 bhp electric motor and can hit 19 mph which is fast enough for the roads in any residential community. The distinctive front and rear body is styled after the Cayenne and has the Porsche crest on the hood.

Mercedes Benz Golf Cart

Mercedes Benz Golf Cart

Roll like a gangsta in this white Benz golf cart

With a long history of building luxury cars Mercedes Benz has been a favorite of the rich and famous. Now this luxury can be driven on the golf course with this Mercedes Benz golf cart from LaBenz Golf Cart. LaBenz will customize your Benz two-seater coupe golf cart with countless options including a carbon fiber dashboard, chrome wheels, tinted windshield and rear view mirrors. This custom golf cart also has the nicest seats we have ever seen in a golf cart, covered in premium leather no doubt.

Featuring a 48V battery system linked to a 3.8HP electric motor the performance should allow you to hustle along. As with Benz road cars this level of luxury doesn't come cheap, prices start at around $15,000 and head north very quickly once you start specifying your optional extras.

Lamborghini Golf Cart

Lamborghini Golf Cart

This Lamborghini golf cart is used by the Vatican police force.

This Lamborghini golf cart is used by the Vatican police to patrol St Peter's Square and is one of four carts currently in use. Although not really styled after any Lamborghini sports car the "Street Model", as its known, was created by the super-car manufacturer specially for the Vatican police and feature the Lamborghini bull logo on the front.

With a top speed of 25mph and a range of 50 miles the electric golf carts are fast enough to deal with the pick-pockets who pray on the millions of tourists who visit St Peter's Basilica.

Rolls Royce Golf Cart

Rolls Royce Golf Cart

Travel in the ultimate in luxury and style with this Rolls Royce golf cart

Hear the words "Rolls Royce" and you automatically think of the ultimate in luxury, style and performance. Hand made in England to exacting standards a Rolls Royce is the car chosen by the world's wealthiest people as the one they want to be driven around in. Built by Luxury Carts this Rolls Royce golf cart is styled after the current factory models and is available in two-seater, four-seater and six-seater variations.

As with the real deal you get an extensive list of features, such as alloy wheels, leather seats, carbon fiber dash accents, stereo system, and the cart can be further customized as per the customer's requirements.

Aimed at Rolls Royce owning golfers this custom cart starts from about $15,000 which seems like a lot but to a Rolls owner is a drop in the ocean.

Ferrari Enzo Golf Cart

Enzo Ferrari Golf Cart

Pennwick's Enzo Ferrari golf cart can race around at up to 40mph

We've featured this custom golf cart previously on this blog, but it's worth looking at it again. Perhaps the best realized of these custom carts, Pennwick's Enzo Ferrari golf cart looks like the real deal (if you squint a bit). Fitted with a 20mph 4HP motor as standard, a 6HP motor is an option for a 25mph top speed. For the aspiring F1 driver an 18HP motor will give you a crazy 40MPH top speed.

With a basic price of $20,500 you get the 4HP motor, alloy wheels, headlights and turn signals. Extras can be specified that include larger wheels, hard top, leather seats and a golf bag holder.

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