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Custom Golf Cart Trailer Completes your Custom Cart Project

| Custom Carts, Golf Cart Accessories | May 25, 2012

Custom Golf Cart Trailer

This custom golf cart trailer looks great, and is functional too.

Have you ever needed to haul something with your golf cart, but you don’t have a cargo bed fitted? Or your cargo bed just doesn’t have the capacity that you need? If so, this custom golf cart trailer could be the answer to your prayers.

We're pretty sure this golf cart trailer isn't designed to haul manure around your farm, it's far too nice (and expensive) for that. But if you use a golf cart to promote your business, or for your race car team, then you need a trailer that looks good being towed behind your custom golf cart. Put it this way, if you need to draw more attention to your custom cart, then this trailer is what you need.

We've seen custom car guys with "presentation" trailers like this towed behind their classic cars such as Volkswagen Beetles and 50's Chevys, and sometimes the trailer itself is the back half of the same model car! But this is the first golf cart trailer we've seen that has a high quality finish that matches the best custom golf carts.

The golf cart trailer is made by Mac Brothers out of Midland, North Carolina and is custom made with a solid wood bed and polished aluminum bed strips. You can have the trailer finished to match the design of your golf cart and stick a pair of the same custom golf cart wheels that you have on your golf cart for the cool look that you see in the photo.

The trailer is not just for show as the frame is a full metal construction with a solid axle, so it will carry all of your gear without any problems. The trailer is offered on a popular auction site for $3,500, so it's not cheap. But for a well finished trailer that is the finishing touch to your custom cart we think that it's well worth the expense.

We've reproduced the ad text below, or you can see more about the golf cart trailer here.

Custom Golf Cart or ATV Trailer

eBay auction, with a starting bid of $3,500

Beautiful custom made golf or ATV trailer built from the ground up. Can be used for recreational or business uses. Perfect to haul all your beach gear!

Specs on this cart:

- Solid frame torsion axles,

- Working tailgate with hidden latches

- Custom lights

- Oversized 14" tires and wheels

- Custom decals

- Custom wood bed with aluminum bed strips

- 1 7/8" coupler

- Complete Rhino liner in bed and full underside

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