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Dodge Viper Custom Golf Cart is Muscle for the Fairways

| Custom Carts, Electric Golf Carts, Used Golf Cart of the Week | July 9, 2012

Dodge Viper Custom Golf Cart

The Dodge Viper has a powerful V10 engine, this custom golf cart lacks the power but has the menacing looks.

Say ‘Dodge Viper’ to a petrolhead and they will immediately salivate at the thought of the 8.0L+ V10 engine with masses of power, the aggressive ‘in your face’ looks and massive grip from the huge rear tires. The Viper has been terrorizing the highways since 1999 and this used golf cart gives you the same opportunity on the golf course fairways.

This Dodge Viper golf cart has got to be the most aggressive cart that money can buy, resplendent in its custom snake paint job and custom golf cart wheels. The custom body kit is a reasonable facsimile of an early series 1 or 2 Viper and is made of the same material as the real deal, glass fiber.

What you won't find under the hood is an all-alloy V10 motor, but environmentally friendly electric batteries. It won't have the same performance, but it won't cost you a penny in gas. An with a real Viper getting around 10MPG, that works out to a huge saving in running costs.

There's no word on whether the electric cart has had its motors or controller uprated to give more top-end performance, but a cart like this is intended to be for show rather than go. We see many Mustang, Chevy and Ferrari custom carts, but this is the first time we've seen a modern American muscle golf cart. We think you'd agree that this custom golf cart is pure awesome!

This custom cart is advertized in our classified ads, and you can find the ad here, with the ad text reproduced below:

Custom made Viper-Style Body Electric Western Golf Cart

Price $8,000

(Charger Included)

new batteries

new paint

new tires

new upholstery

built-in ice chest

golf bag straps


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