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Adam Sandler Munches Apple While Chauffeuring in Golf Cart

| Custom Carts, On the Street, Stars in Golf Carts | October 1, 2012

Photo Credit: Trico, Bauer Griffin

Adam Sandler is one of America’s most popular comedians, a Saturday Night Live star who has gone on to star in several movies including Happy Gilmore, Little Nicky, Mr Deeds and You Don’t Mess with the Zohan. Apart from his “movie vehicles” these pictures show that he likes to drive around in golf carts and takes his friends out for rides in Brentwood, California.

We're thinking he got his love for golf carts from filming Happy Gilmore, a comedy classic that tells the tale of a former pro-hockey player that takes the PGA Tour by storm with his long drives and zany on-green antics.

Adam is driving a 4-passenger golf cart that has been fitted with a rear flip-flop seat that folds down to make room for two extra passengers. Adam is doing the chauffeurs job and is driving a couple of friends around Brentwood in this limo golf cart.

We can see that the cart has been fitted with a golf cart lift kit which allows the cart to handle the extra weight of all of the passengers that this cart is capable of carrying. Some chunky all-terrain golf cart tires complement the aluminum rims to give the cart a sporty look.

Adam obviously likes his music as the cart is fitted with audio speakers below the seats and no doubt a stereo head unit is fitted into a custom dashboard.

Movie stars are usually ferried around studio lots in golf carts and it's good to see that Adam has gone out and got himself a custom golf cart of his own.

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