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Conan O’Brien Drives to Work in a Golf Cart on L.A. Freeway

| On the Street, Stars in Golf Carts | October 2, 2012

Late night talk show host Conan O’Brien is a fan of the golf carts that he uses to get around the Warner Brothers lot in Los Angeles. During one of his recent shows he was chatting to actress Ashley Benson about the carts and how he has a street legal golf cart that can be used to drive on the freeway.

A viewer sent a video response to this interview to Conan as a "Fan Correction", where they try to embarrass Conan by pointing out mistakes in the show.

In the above video, YouTube user "Wozzinator" correctly pointed out that driving a golf cart on the freeway is illegal as they are classed as a low-speed vehicle and restricted to a 35mph top speed. Street legal carts can only be driven on roads that have a maximum posted speed limit of 30mph, which is a lot less than the freeway speed limit.

Conan was having none of this and showed footage of himself driving to work on the freeway in his golf cart. Casually sipping his morning coffee Conan can be seen holding up other traffic by driving at his maximum speed of around 30mph. The funky background music added to the comedy nature of this situation and the studio audience watching this clip can be heard laughing at his antics.

And Conan was right, you can drive a golf cart on the freeway. As long as you ignore the illegality of it...

We hope Conan doesn't get a ticket from the cops after they see this video.

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