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Ex-’Bachelorette’ Jillian Harris Tries to Rescue Golf Cart from Pond

| Golf Carts, News, On the Course, Stars in Golf Carts | November 2, 2012

This is a demonstration of how not to drive a golf cart and a lesson in the futility in trying to rescue the cart from its watery grave. For those who don’t know, Jillian Harris is a reality TV “star” that appeared in the Bachelorette show. She was playing in a charity golf tournament in West Kelowna, British Columbia when she fell out of the passenger seat of the cart while trying to pick up her ball from the fairway.

TMZ.com managed to get hold of a video of the aftermath of the incident. It seems her friend stopped the cart to help her but failed to properly engage the brake, resulting in the cart continuing on into the water hazard beside the fairway. There’s no surprise to learn that beer had an influence in the accident.

Rather than let her possessions be lost forever Jillian bravely jumps into the pond to rescue them and pulls out an iPad. Her friend was particularly concerned about her cell phone and can be heard screaming about it’s $700 value. Another one of the group says they should be more concerned about the golf cart as it is worth a lot more.

The group then all jump into the pond and try to pull the cart from the seabed and hilarity ensues. When the futility of their efforts becomes obvious Jillian pulls a beer from the water and proceeds to chug it down.

Like Homer says, “Alcohol, the cause of… and solution to … all of life’s problems.”

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