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Florida Republicans Rewarded Donors with Golf Cart Hookers

| News, On the Course | November 20, 2012

Golf Cart Girl

It's claimed the Florida GOP supplied golf carts full of women. Photo posed by model, her face has been blurred to protect the innocent. Photo: hegreen.wordpress.com

Presidential elections are expensive. For the 2012 election Obama raised nearly a billion dollars and Romney’s Republicans almost $900 million dollars*. Persuading people to support your political party through donation is a vital part of modern politics. But what do your dollars get you in return? According to recent court testimony a lot more than you would think; golf carts full of hookers.

According to court testimony during the trial of Jim Greer, the former RPOF chair, the GOP party of Florida rewarded several its biggest donors with a trip to the Bahamas. If that wasn't enough of a thank you, this "mens only" trip in 2008 or 2009 was also provided with golf carts full of women. Perhaps they were chosen from Romney's Binders Full of Women?

Delmar Johnson, a GOP official, provided his testimony during Greer's embezzlement trial in June and parts of his deposition are now being reported in The Tampa Bay Times to the embarrassment of the Florida GOP.

"I specifically saw a golf cart with young ladies drive by, the extent of why they were there I did not specifically know," Johnson testified. "But I could presume they were prostitutes."

We can imagine that the Bahamas is a happening place but we never realized that there are mobile hooker services that drive around in golf carts. It was not reported how many women were present but we would assume that there was enough of them to fill a limo golf cart.

It's not clear whether officials from the Florida GOP arranged for these golf cart girls to be at the Bahamas event but this news isn't going to make Mitt Romney feel any better after losing the election.

* (source NYTimes)

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