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How to Move a Fridge using a Golf Cart

| Golf Carts, On the Street | November 1, 2012

How to Move a Fridge with a Golf Cart

Where there's a will there's a way........and a possible trip to the hospital

Teamwork. One word that describes how to enjoy a successful marriage. Trust. That’s another thing that a good marriage needs. When moving a fridge with a golf cart, trust is something that this guy needs from his wife who’s driving.

Many a good idea has ended up with a trip to the Emergency Room and we hope that this one had a happier ending. Needing to move a fridge for some reason, this couple had the brainwave to tow it with their golf cart while the fridge rolls on a hand truck.

The (presumed) husband holds on to the hand truck as he sits precariously on the golf bag rack of his golf cart. He's trusting his wife not to accelerate too fast which would inevitably result in him taking a nasty tumble off the back. I hope he complimented her for cooking breakfast that morning.

The road seems flat and smooth and perhaps there only going a block or two so it probably isn't as unsafe as it at first looks. I only hope there wasn't a cop driving by to witness this.

While we congratulate them on their ingenuity in solving the transportation problem that they faced we must advise our readers to forgo this fridge moving method and use a pick up truck instead.

What inadvisable loads have you transported with your golf cart? We'd like to know about your overloading stories.

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