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Baboon Tries to Drive Golf Cart at the NedBank Golf Challenge in South Africa

| News, On the Course | December 5, 2012

An inquisitive Baboon stole some food and tried to drive off in a Golf Channel golf cart during the final round of the Nedbank Golf Challenge in South Africa. On the US PGA Tour there’s sometimes a risk from alligators at tournaments held in Florida, but at the Gary Player Country Club in Sun City the risk is from hungry apes.

The Golf Channel camera crew made the mistake of leaving some food next to their equipment that drew the attention of a Baboon that was sitting on the other side of the 15th green. The Baboon sauntered casually across the putting green to stuff the food straight into its mouth and then went to have a rest in the golf cart utility vehicle.

Thankfully it seems that Golf Channel's cameramen didn't leave the keys in the cart so the would-be joyrider is thwarted.

In the video clip the commentators note that some tourist golfers forget that these primates are wild animals and tend to get too close to them which has resulted in "incidents". Baboons are powerful creatures that can weigh up to 90lb, and if one was bearing down on us we'd certainly let him take our cart.

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