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Golf Cart Tow Truck Pulls No Punches – Video

| Custom Carts, E-Z-Go, Golf Carts, On the Street | December 7, 2012

Have you ever been driving along in your street legal golf cart only to come across a stranded motorist who needs to tow his car to the nearest garage for repairs? If this happens to you on a regular basis then this is the custom golf cart for you. This golf cart tow truck is based on a 1987 E-Z-Go gas Workshorse utility cart that was stripped down to the frame and built back up with an adjustable boom and 3000lb winch.

What's impressive about this custom golf cart is that it actually works as intended, as it can be seen in the video towing a four door family sedan. One obvious issue when towing something is to keep the front end down of the towing vehicle and this problem has been "solved" by fitting real dually wheels and floating dolly wheels. This ingenious engineering solution seems to minimize front end lift and beefs up the rear of the cart so it's capable of lifting a heavy car.

The safety of other road users is an important consideration in the towing business and this tow truck cart is kitted out with amber flashing lights, a siren and LED lights to warn other motorists that there's some towing going on. To protect against damage when towing a rubberized sling keeps bumpers in great shape.

This is one of the most radical custom golf carts we've seen but we're impressed that it actually performs in the way that it was "designed". This tow truck cart has got to be the best way of getting broken down carts back to the golf course workshop and we're sure a local course will find a use for it to rescue stranded carts.

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