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Club Car Precendent 4Fun Golf Cart Launched at 2013 PGA Merchandise Show

| Club Car, News, On the Course | January 30, 2013

Club Car Precedent 4Fun Golf Cart

The Club Car Precedent 4Fun seats 4 players and aims to bring more fun to golf games

Club Car have recently launched a new golf cart at the 2013 PGA Mechandise Show held at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando Florida. The Club Car Precendent 4Fun in a first for the industry as it’s a four passenger golf cart that they hope will make golf more enjoyable.

Golf course fleet carts usually have only two seats but the Precendent 4Fun features four forward-facing seats, for a total of four passengers, along with a bag rack for four sets of clubs. Additional cup holders for the extra passengers and lap seat belts for the rear passengers provides extra comfort and safety.

Club Car are marketing this new 4-person cart to make the golf experience more enjoyable by allowing all members of a foursome to share a single cart.

"The more opportunities golf offers players to enjoy the company of everyone in their group, the more attractive the game becomes for larger segments of the population," explained Marc Dufour, president and CEO of Club Car.

The Club Car Precendent 4Fun may also prove popular for fleet managers as they will only need half as many carts compared to the regular 2-passnger carts. The 4Fun carts will be more expensive than a regular cart, but still less than the cost of two normal carts, especially if the carts are fitted with GPS systems such as Club Car's Visage system. Considering the Precedent 4Fun will come equipped with a fully integrated Visage system this costs is not to be ignored.

Fleet managers will also appreciate the lower running costs of a single Precedent 4Fun cart compared to two separate carts. Reduced gas and electric charging costs along with lower maintenance requirements may prove to be an attraction. The 4Fun will be piloted later in the year in cooperation with the PGA of America at courses that have established Get Golf Ready programs, a industry initiative to grow-the-game by attracting new players and bringing former golfers back.

One disadvantage that we foresee is if all golfers in group share one cart it may slow down the pace of play as the cart will have to go to the ball for each golfer's next shot. At present a group of four with two carts can split up and each cart only needs to follow two player's golf balls around. With excessively long round times cited as one of the reasons why golf is declining in the U.S having Club Car's 4Fun trialled around the country will give them the opportunity to study their impact in this respect.

Club Car also announced several changes to the 2013 model year Precedent golf cart, including a standard golf cart battery watering system to extend the life of cart batteries and new designs of alloy wheels.

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