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Jet Engine Golf Cart at the Monster Truck Jam in Columbus Ohio

| Custom Carts, Gas Golf Carts | January 8, 2013

We’ve featured a jet engined golf cart before but the one seen in this video allegedly has 1500 HP, a lot more than other ones we’ve seen. To the delight of the assembled crowd this jet golf cart appeared during the recent Monster Truck Jam at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio.

A few jet powered golf carts have been built with many using small jet turbines such as an auxiliary jet engine found in a commercial jet. These engines power electrical and heating systems while a plane is at the terminal, and the main engines are powered down. These auxiliary jet engines are low powered, usually in the region of 50 - 100 HP.

The jet golf cart you see in the video is claimed to have 1500HP and judging by the golf carts' wider track we assume that this cart is fitted with a more powerful jet turbine from a helicopter. Without any more details about who built it and what jet turbine was used we're only guessing.

The jet golf cart doesn't have enough space to get up any speed so we can't see how fast it can go, and we're not sure we'd like to drive it at any considerable speed anyway. However, the driver entertains the crowd with the 40ft flames from the cart's rear.

We'd love to use this cart down at out local golf course, but perhaps it's more suited for a secret agent like James Bond who can use it against old foe Goldfinger.

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