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Phish Celebrates the New Year with a Golf Cart Parade

| Golf Carts, News, Stars in Golf Carts | January 3, 2013

Phish New Years Eve 2012 Golf Carts

Rock band Phish celebrate the New Year in style with golf carts during their Madison Square Garden show. Photo:Dave Vann / Phish

American rock band Phish are known for their live shows that are filled with crazy antics, unique performances of their songs and fan interaction. Their New Year’s Eve 2012 show at Madison Square Garden was no exception and was memorable for a lot of things, including a golf cart parade.

Phish have played several New Year's Eve shows in the famous New York arena and this year's affair was the conclusion of four consecutive gigs that were instantly sold out, such is their popularity. Their final show of 2012 was a multi-set show over four-and-a-half hours that included ping pong ball cannons, bikini clad sunbathers, a multitude of dancing golfers, midnight party balloons, and a bunch of speeding golf carts.

The show had a "Garden Party" theme, hence golfers, blonde sun bathers and deck chairs that covered a grassed lawn with trees, flowers, and plants. In fact, golf features prominently throughout the proceedings and we assume the band like playing the game. Before the band took to the stage the assembling audience could partake in a game of lawn chess or just chillax on the deck chairs and wait for the rockers to hit the stage. Involving the crowd in such activities before the gig is somewhat of a Phish trademark, apparently.

For the benefit of those who didn't manage to get a ticket the video below shows what went on just before midnight. During the performance of "Kung" the band start chanting "stage a runaway golf cart marathon!" which signals several golf carts to zip back and forth in the front of the stage.

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