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A Portable Golf Cart that you can Take on Vacation

| Custom Carts, Electric Golf Carts, Used Golf Cart of the Week | February 27, 2013

RV Rover Portable Golf Cart

The RV Rover 3-wheeled golf cart attaches to your RV

Have you ever been away on vacation and missed the convenience of hopping into your golf cart when you need to make a short journey? If so, this RV Rover portable golf cart is just for you.

A new ad listing in our golf cart classifieds this 3-wheeled custom cart can be folded up and carried on an RV or truck using a specially designed hitch. The photo above shows the cart in its folded position hanging off the back of an RV and hidden beneath its custom golf cart cover.

We can see how a portable golf cart would be great to take with you on your RV vacation trip. It can be unloaded and folded down in a matter of minutes and then you could be driving around the RV park to the envy of the other RV’ers. Some RV parks are huge so being able to drive around makes a lot of sense.

The RV Rover is marketed as “The ultimate collapsible, utility/recreational vehicle!”. The frame is made from light-weight aluminum and is available with either a 5.5HP gas engine that gets 39 miles to the gallon or a 24V electric powered version that can travel up to 8 miles per charge. This example in our classifieds is an electric golf cart and has a top speed of 12-14MPH.

The RV Rover sits four adults, two in the forward facing seat and two on the rear seat which can be removed to provide carrying capacity. You can even specify a golf bag rack and use it on the golf course!

Three wheeled carts have a reputation of being unsafe as they can roll-over when driving over slopes and rough terrain but the RV Rover is fitted with two small wheels just behind the front wheel which prevent this happening. The wheels also take regulation golf cart tires so there’s a huge choice of tires that can be used depending on where you’ll be driving it.

The RV Rover in our classifieds is practically brand new, having only been used two times, and is offered for sale at $4500. That’s at least $1000 less than a new one from the factory will cost.

If you want to take a closer look check out the RV Rover ad and here’s a video of them in action.

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