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Florida Man Stole Golf Cart from Nudist Colony During Crime Spree

| Golf Carts, News, On the Street | February 12, 2013

Dodge Viper Golf Cart

Maybe this is the only golf cart suitable as a getaway car?

Florida is full of golf carts. Lots of them. The Villages alone is home to several thousands of carts. The odds of running into a golf cart are high as one Florida criminal found out.

After trying to rob a cashier in the gardening section of a Lowes store in Osceola County Florida and being chased out by employees,  Milton Hodges failed to highjack a pick-up truck.

Hodges then saw his opportunity for escape, and stole a golf cart from a nudist colony that was near the Lowes store. Thankfully the police were already on the scene by this time and were able to apprehend the miscreant before he was able to make his getaway.

Golf carts aren’t known for being the fastest vehicles in the world and there’s no comment from Hodges as to what drew him to the nudist colony’s golf cart in the first place. I don’t think he had time to wipe the seat down before jumping in either.

Original story here.

Here’s another criminal who thought a golf cart was the best option to escape from the police, and this one didn’t end well for the criminal either.

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