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Lazy Reef Wrangler Drives Golf Cart 10yds to Get Some Rocks

| Electric Golf Carts, Golf Carts, On the Street | February 18, 2013

Reef Wranglers Golf Cart

Roger from Reef Wranglers drives 10yds in an electric golf cart to get some rocks

Golf carts are a convenient means of transport. Just jump in push the pedal with your right foot and you’re away. So convenient that Roger from The Weather Channel’s Reef Wrangler program drives all of 10 yards to collect some rocks.

Roger’s helping with a project and is asked to go get some rocks.  Rocks are heavy, everyone knows that. Most people would just walk to the rock pile, fill the bucket and walk back. But Roger has a better idea and climbs into the electric golf cart that’s conveniently located next to him.

But does it actually save any time in carrying a small bucket of small rocks from the pile that’s only 10 yards away? Roger thinks so.

“Just call me lightning!”, exclaims Roger.

We’ve not timed Roger walking with the bucket to be able to scientifically prove that he’s quicker in the golf cart, but we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Do you agree with Roger? Watch the video here

Reef Wranglers is a “reality” type TV show that’s shown on The Weather Channel. It follows a group of divers and demolition experts who work to reduce erosion and pollution in Florida’s Gulf of Mexico coast and to create artificial reefs by sinking things like boats and planes.

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