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Wind Powered Golf Carts on Texas University Campus

| Club Car, Electric Golf Carts, On the Street | February 4, 2013

Two enterprising students at Texas A&M University-Kingsville have created a system that converts wind power to charge their Club Car golf carts. A small wind turbine was constructed to provide the power for a golf cart battery charging system.

Engineering students Jonathan Gorman and Dennis Guleiof were inspired by going "green" and energy conservation for this project.

"The more wind, the better. The quicker to charge the batteries," Guleiof said. "We typically take two-three hours to charge one club car with the current system."

The wind turbine generate power that is converted by some batteries into an electrical supply that can charge a golf cart. Currently the system saves the university a few dollars a day, around $1000 a year, but has the potential of increased savings if the project is expanded to cover all of the university's electric vehicles.

To cover this future capacity the two students hope to enhance their charging system with more wind turbines and by possibly adding solar panels.

As electric carts increase in popularity throughout the U.S we think many owners would like to have a charging system that utilizes free green power, such as wind and solar, and it seems the nations young engineers are already developing solutions.

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