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Bubba’s Hover Golf Cart

| Custom Carts, On the Course | April 2, 2013

Golf carts have been around for decades, working in the same way, with the same technology. PGA Tour player Bubba Watson thought there was a better way and so he teamed up with Oakley and hovercraft expert Chris Fitzgerald to create the BW1.

The BW1 is Bubba Watson's prototype hover golf cart that has all the features that a traditional cart has, but is able to traverse any terrain that a golfer may encounter. Glide over the fairways, cross water hazards and tip-toe over the greens.

“Golf carts look the same, they’ve been the same. You’ve gotta stay 30 yards from the green, you’ve gotta stay on the cart path when it’s raining. But, let’s have some fun”, says Bubba.

The BW1 is based on hovercraft technology and rides on a cushion of air which gives it a footprint pressure 33-times less than a human foot. This means it can cross a finely manicured PGA Tour speed green without leaving a trace.

Bubba Watson Hover Cart across a Lake

Bubba flies over a water hazard in the BW1

Judging by the smile on his face Bubba is enjoying piloting the hover-cart and he says that it’ll get people involved in golf, or maybe they’ll just want to ride in it instead. It does make most custom golf cart owners feel a bit….deflated.

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