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Golf Cart Drives into Water Hazard

| Gas Golf Carts, On the Course | May 20, 2013

Golf Cart Drives into Water Hazard

Was this cart pushed or did it just fall?

When creating a golf course the designer generally adds water hazards to catch the ball from a golfer’s errant drive off the tee, not a badly driven golf cart.

This gas golf cart was found next to the 16th hole during a charity golf tournament in Miami, which remains nameless to protect the guilty. According to a Reddit thread there was unlimited alcohol on offer for the participants, so that explains a lot.

“It was at a charity golf tournament in Miami. I don’t want to name the course/event. It was unlimited beer/martinis on the course. All I know is that I heard a cart was in the water on 16 and as soon as we pulled up to the green I saw it. There was no bank for the cart to roll down, it was a shear coral rock canal. Amazed that it stayed upright like it did. No bags were on it so I guess they took them off and shoved it in, fueled by liquor. No clue how they got it out it was also a gas powered cart.” – Redditor donki

I think that we all know that alcohol and driving (golf carts) don’t mix but we agree with “donki” that the cart doesn’t look like it was driven into the water. The golf bags are suspiciously absent which implies that some alco-haze prank to place. At least they only had 2 holes remaining to carry their bags.

For some, the only way to make golf interesting is to drink during the round, unfortunately this poor innocent golf cart had to suffer the consequences.

Any guesses for what type of golf cart it is?

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