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Driverless EZ-Go Golf Cart Hits Spring Dekaney Coach

NFL Star’s Dad Sues the Cowboys Over Runaway Golf Cart

| Golf Carts | April 23, 2013

Cast you mind back to December 2011 and you might remember a viral YouTube video of a runaway golf cart causing havoc at the Cowboy’s Stadium. Somehow the E-Z-Go cart drove itself into a group of people after the end of the high school championship football game. One of those injured was Willie Amendola, father…more »

Golf Cart Ambulance Villages Hospital

The Villages retirement community in Florida has the highest concentration of golf carts of anywhere in the U.S. with over 50,000 golf carts for the 90,000 residents. Practically everything is within a short cart ride, whether you need to shop at the grocery store or enjoy a round of golf at one of the many…more »

Reef Wranglers Golf Cart

Golf carts are a convenient means of transport. Just jump in push the pedal with your right foot and you’re away. So convenient that Roger from The Weather Channel’s Reef Wrangler program drives all of 10 yards to collect some rocks. Roger’s helping with a project and is asked to go get some rocks.  Rocks…more »

Hydrogen Cell Powered Golf Cart

Although electric powered cars are gaining traction in the marketplace some believe that hydrogen cells are the future of emission-free motoring with several companies currently researching its potential. This research has now reached the golf cart with this hydrogen powered cart from South Africa. Golf cart batteries, like all batteries used in vehicles, have a…more »

Dodge Viper Golf Cart

Florida is full of golf carts. Lots of them. The Villages alone is home to several thousands of carts. The odds of running into a golf cart are high as one Florida criminal found out. After trying to rob a cashier in the gardening section of a Lowes store in Osceola County Florida and being…more »

Bill Murray Driving Golf Cart

Bill Murray is a known avid golfer and has been a stalwart on the celebrity golf circuit for years. Golf features in a few of his films, most prominently in Caddyshack where he played tormented groundskeeper Carl Spackler. Unfortunately it seems that while golf is close to his heart, golf carts might not be. In…more »

Golf Cart on Fire

This is a golf cart owners worst nightmare: To return to their cart and find it a burnt out wreck. This particular cart was already covered in flames when the fire department attended the scene in the Destiny East neighborhood of Destine, Florida earlier this week. Thankfully no one was injured and the golf cart…more »

Phish New Years Eve 2012 Golf Carts

American rock band Phish are known for their live shows that are filled with crazy antics, unique performances of their songs and fan interaction. Their New Year’s Eve 2012 show at Madison Square Garden was no exception and was memorable for a lot of things, including a golf cart parade. Phish have played several New…more »

Mad Men star January Jones takes a golf cart ride

Man Men star January Jones is seen here catching a ride in an E-Z-Go golf cart while at a studio set in Culver City, Los Angeles. Ms Jones has been getting some steady acting roles since Mad Men premiered in 2007, including X-Men and the upcoming western Sweetwater. January’s steed of choice today was a…more »

Tow Truck Golf cart-pulls-honda

Have you ever been driving along in your street legal golf cart only to come across a stranded motorist who needs to tow his car to the nearest garage for repairs? If this happens to you on a regular basis then this is the custom golf cart for you. This golf cart tow truck is…more »

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