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Buyer & Seller Tips

Seller assumes all responsibility for their listing.

Interested in buying this golf cart? Use this checklist to help you make a safe and successful purchase.

Before you buy a golf cart

Read the ad description — carefully!

Read the seller’s description carefully and contact the seller with questions before you go to examine the golf cart. Look for
the “Contact Seller” tab at the right of the listing.

Contact the seller

It is important to contact the seller and have your questions answered to your satisfaction before you make an offer or bid on an
item. Use the “Contact Seller” tab at the right of the listing.

How to buy a golf cart

Find out what the golf cart is worth

Before you make an offer, find out what this golf cart is worth.

Get information on title transfer, registration, and taxes

Contact the seller about the status of the golf cart’s title (if required), and visit your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)- opens in a
new window or tab Web site to get information on the processes and potential costs associated with title transfer, registration, and taxes.

Calculate monthly payments

If you’re interested in a loan, you can calculate monthly payments and get current interest rates in Financing. Be sure you can pay the amount in full or have allowed enough time to secure financing before you make an offer.

Estimate shipping or transportation costs

If the seller isn’t local, review how much it will cost to ship or pick up (by flying or driving) the vehicle.


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