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Buying a Golf Cart through a Classified Ad

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The golf cart was originally used on the course, but in recent years their use has expanded and they are now a useful all-round vehicle for commercial, private and personal use. Used golf carts can be used to transport people, equipment and supplies wherever there is a need for a cheap, safe and reliable form of transport and not just on the fairways. Used models offer the best value for money and many will come with custom parts already installed.

Custom Golf Carts

Custom golf carts can be found with many different modifications, the most popular of which are larger alloy wheels and tires, and cart lift kits. Custom bodies can be replaced with fiberglass panels to mimic classic cars and can be modified with custom parts to produce more power and torque.

Lifted Golf Carts

These custom lifted golf carts feature suspension modifications which enhance their, increase ground clearance over rough terrain and can improve handling on slippery surfaces.

Electric Golf Carts for Sale

Used electric carts are becoming more and more popular for personal and country club use as they are more environmentally friendly than gas powered ones. Electric battery power is silent and environmentally friendly and electric vehicles can be found in airports, industrial plants, residential neighborhoods and tourist parks ferrying one or more people. Used electric carts are cheap to own and maintain, with just a connection to mains power for recharging.

Gas Golf Carts for Sale

When looking for gas golf carts there are certain advantages over an electric version. Gas engined vehicles offer more power and are more suited to outdoor environments where noise isn’t so much of an issue. They easily carry heavy loads of tools, equipment and materials around courses, major construction sites, large public gardens and their long range makes them ideal for farming and hunting uses. They can be easily modified to provide more power and many custom parts for sale can be found on this site. Many courses and rental companies are replacing their gas models with electric ones so there is an ample supply of used gas carts for sale on the market.

Custom Golf Cart Parts

Many custom parts are available to modify your cart for better performance and safety. Replace or upgrade your electric cart batteries for better performance. Cart windshields will improve the safety by protecting the passengers and install brush guards & bumpers to protect bodywork and the drivetrain. If you have installed wider wheels and tires, then fit wider fenders to stop debris flying around.


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