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Buying Used Golf Carts for Sale

Buy Used Golf Carts for Sale

Buying a Used Cart Saves You Money

Used Carts on eBay

The gas golf cart has fallen out of favor to the electric cart for use on the golf course due to increased environmental concerns, such as noise and smoke pollution. This provides the prospective buyer with a huge advantage as there are many used gas carts for sale on the market, both on eBay, our classified ads site and throughout the dealer network.

Used Electric Golf Carts

As electric golf carts are becoming more and more popular due to their advantages with less noise and pollution, there has been an increase in used electric carts appearing on the market. Many golf courses and industrial facilities are replacing their electric carts on a regular basis, giving more opportunities to buy for the private user.

Many dealers offer a used electric or gas powered cart for sale as refurbished or “as is”. Whether you choose a refurbished or “as is” cart will depend on your budget, as the dealer refurbished carts are more expensive.

Refurbished Carts for Sale

A refurbished vehicle will generally have been inspected, cleaned and mechanically overhauled with tune up kits by the dealer before it is ready for sale. A dealer will offer a refurbished golf cars for sale with a short warranty period offering the purchaser some peace of mind in case there is a mechanical fault during the first month or two of ownership. If there is any sort of mechanical fault the dealer will usually fix or repair the cart under the terms of the warranty.

Refurbished models can sometimes be specified with extras, such as different seat covers, wheels and storage capability. If these extras are within the budget, it will allow the buyer to tailor the refurbished cart to exactly their needs and will work out to be more economical compared to a new model.

The dealer will install these items at the time that the refurbishment work takes place, but will cost extra above and beyond the basic price of the refurbished used cart.

Used Golf Cars from eBay

Buying used carts on eBay for sale, one of our classified ads, Craigslist or other auction sites, will often be cheaper than a dealer bought cart but will not come with any sort of warranty. You must ensure that the cart has exactly the right features you are looking for, and that it looks in good condition when viewing the ad listing. Prospective owners will find a large selection of used carts on eBay from the main manufacturers, such as Club Car, E-Z-Go and Yamaha. Customized carts, including limo carts and those modified with lift kits and aftermarket wheels can also be bought from eBay at a fraction of the price of a dealer upgraded golf car.

Buying an “As is” Used Golf Car

An “as is” golf car, will have been inspected by the dealer for any obvious signs of damage, but it will not go through the extensive overhaul and servicing that the refurbished vehicle enjoys.

Due to the absence of this inspection, an “as is” cart will not come with a warranty period that covers any mechanical faults. This means that any sort of engine, drivetrain or electrical fault will be the responsibility of the owner to remedy. Any repair costs incurred due to replacement parts or a mechanic’s labor costs will have to come out of the owners pocket. This fact alone can put off many buyers from looking at “as is” carts, who will miss many bargains in the process.

The prospective buyer should therefore thoroughly inspect the cart themselves, or take an expert with them, prior to purchase. A comprehensive inspection should include examining the chassis, running gear, steering and engine components for general wear and tear or misuse. Just like buying a used car this will save the purchaser from unexpected expenditure further down the line.

An “as is” cart will usually cost less than refurbished carts for sale, so are a good choice for a budget conscious buyer.


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