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Club Car Golf Carts

Club Car Golf Carts

The most popular golf cart on the course

Club Car golf carts were first sold in 1958 and has expanded its product line to meet the varying needs and demands of the utility and golf market. Now a division of Ingersoll Rand, Club Car is the world’s largest manufacturer of electric carts, and is at the forefront of environmentally responsible Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV). With zero emissions, Club Car electric vehicles (available in carts, Carryall utility vehicles and LSVs, XRT UTVs, and the Villager and TransPorter vehicles) offer a cleaner, quieter alternative to traditional gas powered carts without any reduction in performance.

As the most popular brand in the market there a great deal of Club Car carts for sale. As there are many models of Club Car carts you are very likely to find one that is perfectly suited to your taste and budget. If you are looking for a cart with a custom body, high performance engine or suspension lift kit then you won’t be disappointed. Club Car have produced both gas and electric carts, but now concentrate on electric vehicles for both golf operations and commercial vehicle use that produce zero emissions.

Golf Course Operations

A cart for golf operations are designed for use around the course, either by players or by course maintenance and serving staff. Club Car golf cars are easy to maintain, service and use making them the popular choice for fleet managers looking to reduce overall costs through the life of ownership. For golfing operations their vehicles can be integrated into all aspects of course management through their advanced Guardian SVC and the Visage Mobile Golf Information System technologies. These systems, present on the newest Precedent models, aid the golfer, owner, superintendent, tournament director, food and beverage manager, maintenance staff.

The Precedent cart is their most popular model and have been produced for a number of years since their introduction in 2003. This model as been made in both electric or gas powered variations and are readily available for sale on the used market.

Precedent Cart Construction

The latest Precedent cart features an aluminum box-tube type frame and utilizes a composite panel that underpins the floorboard and parts of the engine or battery compartment. Extensive use of aluminum makes the Precedent light, strong and resistant to rust leading to a longer life and lower overall operating costs.

The suspension offers simplicity of design and a supple ride over most surfaces, with many models being fitted with a suspension lift kit. The stock front suspension of a Precedent cart features a leaf spring on the bottom and a delta shock tower assembly on the top. This setup acts as an upper and lower control arm system without the complexity of coil-over shocks, struts, or double wishbone types of suspension. The rear suspension is technically semi-independent since the axle, transmission, and engine are all connected together and are held in place only by leaf springs and shocks. The front of the drive train assembly is not fixed, rather if floats and is free to move in any way necessary. Club Car is now the only manufacturer to utilize leaf springs for both the front and rear suspensions on their carts.

Other manufacturers use plastic and fiberglass for their golf car bodies, but Club Car construct front and rear panels out of a material called ArmorFlex. ArmorFlex is thicker, but stiffer than the traditional materials and results in a smoother, higher quality finish. Many owners have noticed that the panels break, rather than bend, when hit in certain ways, but ArmorFlex panels often withstand prolonged abuse before breaking.

Wide Range of Cart Models

The most technologically advanced golf car ever built, the Precedent i2 is a stylish vehicle that comes equipped with the innovative Excel Drive System. This is the most advanced electric platform that they have ever built, and the new Precedent i2 continues to raise the bar in performance, protection, and styling.

The Precedent i2L includes all the standard features of the Precedent i2 and also features a variety of upgrades and both gas and electric versions offer quick acceleration and smooth handling. The electric 48-volt powerplant features low motor braking speed, hill descent assist, increased regenerative braking, enhanced top speed control and more options for speed range programming.

The DS Player is equipped with their exclusive IQ System, an enhanced testing and diagnostics system which simplifies fleet management for golf cart operators. A communications display module (CDM) collects and displays important battery data for optimal fleet management and the IQ Display Module (IQDM) easy-to-use hand-held tool that conveys system testing and diagnostics information captures by the IQ Controller.


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