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Commercial Club Car Golf Carts for Sale

Commercial Club Car Golf Carts

Club Car utility golf cart in an industrial complex

Club Car manufactures many different types of golf carts that are suitable for all types of commercial and industrial customers. From light-duty utility vehicles to heavy-duty 4x4s and multi-person transports, they provide one of the widest ranges of vehicle options in the marketplace today. All Club Car golf cars for sale are backed up by an industry-best 2-year warranty.

After over a half century of experience in producing small vehicles and carts their reputation in unsurpassed for creating the best, longest lasting utility and transportation vehicles that money can buy. For commercial vehicles the company aims to engineer a rugged design, with the styling and comfort levels that are the best in the industry segment. In most applications one of their cart models will exceed a customers expectations for innovation, efficiency and reliability.

Being energy-efficient is a hot topic for many people and organizations and transportation energy costs are a big concern for all businesses. Club Car carts, whether gas powered or electric, are as energy efficient as possible whilst providing the maximum levels of performance. Their carts allow you to haul cargo or tools for work, carry guests across a campus, travel on roads or traverse rough terrain to get a job done. In recent times, they have started providing Low-Speed Vehicle (LSV) models that meet all appropriate US government regulations. These street legal carts for sale are approved for usage on public roads with posted speed limits of 35 mph or less in most US states.

Personnel Transport

These carts can transport four, six or eight passengers in comfort and are intended to be used in airports, industrial facilities, sports venues and events or anywhere that staff or clients need to be transported around.

The Villager cart is available in 4,6 or an 8 seat configuration, either as an electric powered cart with a powerful 48-volt electric motor or as a gas golf cart with a 11.5 hp gas engine. The Villager combines the clean styling of the popular Precedent cart with excellent durability and reliability you will need for commercial operations. The enhanced maneuverability of SportDrive steering and ergonomic seats ensure that all your passengers ride in comfort wherever you need to take them.

The Transporter allows you to move cargo and carry up to four or six passengers in style. With roomy comfort for up to six passengers, the Transporter features independent front suspension and semi-independent rear suspension for a smooth, stable ride.

Utility Carts

The most economical and dependable utility vehicle in its class, the Carryall 1 is the perfect solution for light-duty jobs. Easy maneuverability and optimized engine performance are just a few of the advantages you’ll appreciate when you get behind the wheel of this versatile utility vehicle.This popular light-duty vehicle is available in your choice of an 11.5 hp gas engine or an electric motor with Carryall’s IQ System, you get improved energy management.

Designed to give you a smoother, more stable ride, the Carryall 2 Plus offers a fully independent front suspension and a semi-independent rear suspension. Carryall 6 is the vehicle that can handle the heavy lifting with more load capacity than any other Carryall product.

The Carryall 295 is an all-around, high performance utility cart with the muscle of a powerful gasoline V-twin or commercial-grade diesel engine to handle the toughest jobs. It’s the only utility vehicle available from any manufacturer with the exclusive IntelliTrak system, an automatic, 4-wheel-drive system that senses the ground you’re on and gives you more traction when you need it the most.

This utility cart has four forward facing seats and a full size cargo bed, which will help you and your crew get the job done more efficiently for your commercial business. The revolutionary IntelliTach quick-change attachment system comes with a loader bucket standard. This cart is perfectly suited to golf course maintenance operations with the optional plow blade, broom, pallet forks and mower.

Low Speed Vehicle (LSV)

Many customers are customizing their carts for use on the public highway, and now Club Car has developed their cost-effective utility vehicles into street legal vehicles for use on many roads posted at 35 mph or less. The Carryall LSV line boasts a tough, dependable AC drive system and 1/2 ton vehicle capacity for those demanding jobs. The Villager LSV can comfortably transport up to four passengers and owning one will reduce your year over year ownership costs.

Federal tax credits are available for Street Legal Low-Speed Vehicles (LSVs), if you qualify. Club Car carts can help you reduce your carbon emissions to help the environment, and save money at the same time.

Villager 2+2 LSV

The new electric Villager LSV can carry up to four adults and is perfect for transportation requirements on and around military bases, educational and health care workplaces and other campus environments where legal access to public roads is also required.

Carryall 2 LSV

Featuring a half-ton payload in its cargo bed, the new Carryall 2 LSV is a rugged and reliable Low-Speed Vehicle (LSV) that complies with the standards of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. For even more capacity the Carryall 6 LSV gives you street legal access, expanded cargo bed size and quiet, cost-effective performance.

Custom Commercial Carts

If your application requires specialist requirements Club Car can design and build custom vehicles for you. Custom golf cart vehicles have been used in many varied roles around the world, including delivering the mail, selling ice cream treats at campgrounds and carrying weapons and ammunition at FBI training facilities in the USA. The company have also provided specially designed transportation vehicles for major airports and venues around the world. Custom vehicles based on golf carts are ideal in a wide-range of areas where smaller, quieter and more agile four-wheeled vehicles are required.

  • Colleges and Universities – If your staff need to transport students or haul maintenance and laundry supplies, every Custom Solutions model passes with flying colors.
  • Emergency and Security – Any cart can be modified for use at sporting events, concerts, campgrounds, fairs, or any public location where it’s necessary to quickly and easily respond to an emergency situation.
  • Hotels and Resorts – From maintaining food warmth to providing guests with overhead shade, carts can be customized from the factory in a full array of options and designs.
  • Outdoor and Recreation – Wherever outdoor adventure takes you, deep in the country for hunting or fishing, or transporting guests for an outdoor camping trip, one can be modified accordingly.


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