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Custom Golf Cart Bodies

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Just like your normal road car, you can fit custom fiberglass golf cart body panels or even replace complete bodies to make it more to your personal taste ensuring that it will stand out from the crowd on the course or road. You can practically do anything to a gas or electric golf car that you can do to your regular car in the pursuit of customization nirvana.

There are many different products and accessories that are available to the enthusiast for customizing golf cart bodies. Some of the options that are available to the golf car owner are custom paint jobs, nerf bars and even new custom bodies to make your ride look like your favorite classic car.

These custom cart bodies are not very cheap, so be prepared to spend over $5,000 to fully modify a body to your individual specifications. Check out the Top 5 custom golf car body upgrades.

Custom Golf Cart Body Panels

For the most radical customization some owners replace the entire standard body with custom body panels that make the cart look like your favorite classic car. These body panels are usually made from lightweight fiberglass and many different classic body styles are available from a ‘57 Chevy to a ‘68 Mustang. For a more modern contemporary look, choose the body style of an Escalade, Hummer H2 or even a Mercedes C-Class.

Escalade Custom Golf Cart Body

Custom Golf Car with Escalade Body

Fender Flares

With the addition of larger wheels or a lift kit, fender flares may be necessary addition in order to prevent flying mud or stones from damaging you or your cart. Fender flares will help protect bodywork and other road users from flying stones and is of particular concern if you intend to go off-road or if your golf course has many gravel paths.

Luggage Roof Racks

If you use your gas or electric powered cart for all day hunting or other off-road adventures that keep you away from your base for long periods, installing a cargo bed or roof rack will increase the amount of supplies and equipment that you can carry.

Safety Accessories

Although golf cars only travel at relatively slow speeds, roll-overs can occur on some rough or undulating ground. This is can be of concern if you plan on using your customized cart off-road. To protect occupants from potential injury in this unlikely event, a roll over bar is a peace of mind addition that can be installed easily.

To improve safety, invest in some rear view mirrors, or a light kit. Modifying your electric or gas engined cart in this way can actually make it street legal in some US states. If this is your intention, check your state’s road vehicle regulations to see what mandatory safety features are required. Carts used within private housing communities may need these sorts of upgrades if they are allowed to be used by residents.

Custom Bodywork Paint Jobs

The most obvious exterior upgrade is a full respray in the color of your choice. Most electric or electric or gas powered carts come from the factory in an uninteresting shade of green or boring old-man beige. To stand out from the crowd, there are literally thousands of colors to choose from in both metallic and non-metallic colors.

The vastness of paint choices today will guarantee that finding a color that matches your personality or the color of your favorite classic car will not be too difficult.

If a simple respray is a little unadventurous for you, adding some flames and racing stripes and a driver number aren’t beyond the realms of possibility. For the true custom look, metallic pearl colors, multi-colored effects and flame jobs are the way to go.

Body Protection

After-market Rocker Panels

The standard rocker panels on many golf cars can be prone to damage during normal use, as the occupants climb in and out. To protect your golf car and to add a little flair install custom rocker panels, usually made from hard wearing stainless steel or diamond plate aluminum.

Custom Nerf Bars

To provide even more protection for your cart and allow easier access for players, Nerf bars can be purchased that allow players to use the bars to step into the cart. Nerf bars add a touch of style to any cart and can be found in many materials, finishes and colors. The basic Nerf bar are usually made from steel that is powder coated that matches the bodywork color. Stainless steel and aluminum bars are lighter and can be polished to give a chrome like finish.


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