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Custom Golf Cart Interior Upgrades

Custom Golf Cart Interior

Custom interior of a cart

Just like your regular road car, you can customize the golf cart interior to make it more to your individual taste and stand out from the crowd on the course. You can practically do anything to a gas powered golf car that you can do to your regular car in the pursuit of customization nirvana.

There are many options that are available to the electric and gas engined cart owner for customizing the boring standard interior passenger compartment of your ride. Custom upholstery, stereo radio consoles and dash panels are just some of the options that are available to the owner.

These custom cart options don’t come cheap and can scare the budget conscious golfer. Be prepared to spend over a few thousand dollars to fully modify the interior of your golf car to your individual specifications.

Luxury Interior Upgrades

There are a plethora of interior upgrade options and accessories on the market today. Just like your weekend ride, you can change the seat covers or for the best upgrade to impress your passengers go for luxurious leather seating. The price of this envy developing luxury will be close to $1000, more if you have upgraded from the standard two seats to seating for four or more passengers.

For that personal touch inside the cab, have your leather seats finished with some tasteful embroidery. Choose your initials, favorite sports team name or your country club crest. This will mark you out from the crowd as a classy golfer with great taste.

For additional safety and peace of mind whilst bombing around the links, seat belts can be retro-fitted quite easily and offer some protection in the unlikely event of a rollover.

To improve the lie underfoot, kit out your ride with some custom floor mats. Choose a hard wearing rubber mat or more luxurious carpet. Many custom shops will also offer to have a logo or name embroidered into the mats to add that personal touch.

Custom Driver Instrumentation

The standard dash in a golf car that is supplied from the manufacturer is quite boring and finished in bare plastic, and usually is just in place to give some storage space for use during your round. A custom dash unit can be covered in leather or any other material of your desire to match the theme of your interior seats.

Useful car like features, such as a fuel gauge and speedometer can also be installed into the new dash as well as a lockable glove box for your valuables. Adding a beverage, cell phone and GPS golf unit holder will allow the players to have easy and secure access for these often used items during their round.

An “in-cart entertainment” system, featuring a CD or DVD stereo head unit will allow you and your playing partners to while away the time whilst waiting on the tee. If you use your cart on the golf course, just remember to turn down the volume of the music so players taking their shots will not be disturbed.

Temperature Control

To keep the temperature in the cab comfortable during play during the summer heat or the winter cold, invest in a cab heater or a cooling fan. Speaking of cooling, there is nothing worse than a warm beer or soft drink, especially on the hottest summer day. So to make your beverages as refreshing as possible for your playing group, a beverage cooler is a must.


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