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Golf Cart Engines and High Performance Parts

High Performance Golf Cart Engines and Upgrade Parts

Choose the performance parts for your gas engine

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Just like your normal road car there are various high performance golf cart engines and custom upgrade parts that can be purchased and installed on a gas cart to improve engine performance. Golf car engine upgrade parts will improve off the line acceleration and gas pedal response. Gear ratios can be changed to increase top speed and an LSD will improve corner handling, especially on loose or wet surfaces.

Hi-performance engine and upgrade parts for gas powered carts are available for any models from the popular manufacturers, including E-Z-Go, Club Car and Yamaha, and can be fitted by the home mechanic or professionally at your local shop.

Speed Upgrade Engine Parts

As an internal combustion engine powers the gas cart, many of the same tuning methods that work for road cars will apply to the golf car. Increased capacity, through different cranks, pistons and rods will provide the most power, but these high performance parts for cart engines will be very expensive to buy and install.

High Performance Electric Motors

Electric golf cars can be upgraded with high performance electric motors which provide more power, allowing faster acceleration and higher top speed. If you upgrade your motor, don’t forget to ensure your electric cart batteries are in perfect condition, so you can get the most out of the motor upgrade.

Hi-Performance Custom Gas Golf Car

Custom gas powered E-Z-Go with performance parts

Engine Swap

Many owners decide to perform a gas cart engine swap for a larger capacity unit that develops more power. This is the most straight-forward option, but brand new or reconditioned high performance engines can be quite expensive to buy and install.

High Performance Engine Upgrades

As with all petrol engines, the simplest way to improve power and torque is to increase the amount of fuel and air that goes into the combustion chamber with the use of high performance gas cart engine upgrades. Replacing the standard air filter with a performance gas engine air filter from a company such as K&N will allow a lot more air to enter the engine chamber. Combined with a replacement high flow fuel pump and filter, these modified parts will give an instant and noticeable power increase.

Advancing the ignition timing can also increase the horsepower of your gas engine, but may require a special key or tool. Upgrading the engine valve springs will increase the maximum RPMs that your engine can safely spin at, thus increasing power and top speed. However, this will require some mechanical knowledge to install inside the gas cart engine.

Replacing the restrictive stock exhaust system with a high flow performance exhaust and muffler combo will allow your engine to breathe more easily, generating more top end horsepower and low down torque. Another added benefit is the race-car sound that will no doubt get the jealous attention of any onlookers.

Whenever engine upgrade parts or tune up kits are installed it is always prudent to fit an engine oil cooler to keep engine temperatures under control.

Speed Parts for Gas Engined Carts

Most stock gas powered carts supplied by manufacturers are speed limited to around 15MPH, but there are several ways to increase the top speed. There are various governor methods that are employed to achieve this speed limit, each of which can be modified to increase the maximum top speed.

The most common gas engined cart governor type is mechanical spring loaded mechanism that works in conjunction with the golf car’s accelerator. This type of governor may be at the carburetor or attached to the differential. By varying the tension on this spring the top speed will either been increased or decreased.

The next most popular speed governor is the clutch/throttle cable type and by making the cable longer, you prevent the mechanism from from pulling back the throttle lever and limiting the top speed.

The most recent innovation by manufacturers in speed regulation is to cut the ignition spark, thus limiting the RPMs and reducing power, when the top speed is reached. This is an electronic device that acts as a simple rev limiter, just like in a normal car.

Hi Performance Clutch and Drivetrain Parts

Clutch Spring Kits

Various spring kits are available to change the response of a gas cart from standing starts and when at speed. These hi performance clutch kits improve acceleration and torque, which can help if you use your vehicle to carry heavy loads or towing.

High Speed Gear Sets

Altering the differential gear ratio with a cart hi-speed gears set is a straightforward modification that can increase the top speed and torque of the gas cart quite noticeably. Most golf cars have a standard ratio of 12:1 and gear sets can be purchased to alter this ratio to 15:1.

Whilst you are taking the differential apart for the gear upgrade, consider fitting an LSD unit. This will improve the gas cart’s grip when setting off from loose surfaces and improve traction through the corners. If the main use of your gas powered cart is off-road then an LSD is vital to ensure good traction on all surfaces.


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