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Electric Golf Cart Speed Upgrades – Top 5

Electric Golf Cart Speed Upgrades

Custom Electric Golf Car with Speed Upgrades

This article explores the Top 5 performance and speed upgrades for an electric golf cart. Electric golf cars are much easier to modify for improved performance than gas engined carts.

Electric and electronic technology for electric powered carts is constantly improving over time and many of the speed upgrades are as simple as swapping a motor or controller and possibly upgrading power cable gauge.

To get the most performance out of your electric cart, read the Top 5 performance speed modifications below.

5. Rebuild the Electric Motors.

If you need more power from your existing electric motors but can’t stretch to buying new motors, many specialist companies can rebuild your existing motor. The performance from a rebuilt motor is identical than from a standard motor, or the motor can be rewound for a performance upgrade. Repairing or having the motor rewound will get more speed and torque without damaging the motor. This can help you speed up or torque up almost every vehicle, for heavy duty use.

4. Hi-Speed Gears.

Replacement hi-speed gears can be used in combination with other performance parts to increase the speed of your electric cart. If you want to get the most out of other speed upgrades, high speed gears are one of the things you can install to help boost the top speed. The majority of high speed gear sets include the intermediate gear and input shaft, and are available for most models from the popular electric cart manufacturers.

The gear sets available on the market alters the gear ratio in the cart’s transaxle from around 12.5:1 down to 8:1. On most models with stock tires, motor, and controller, it will increase the top speed from approximately 12-13 mph, up to about 20-21 mph.

3. Batteries.

Electric carts utilize a bank of standard lead-acid batteries to run the electric motor. The two most commonly available power choices are 36 volt or 48 volt – in the majority of cases, 48 volt electric cart batteries provide better performance than 36v models. For 36v electric carts it may be possible to upgrade the power system to run 48v power, but this would probably be a major undertaking requiring different controller hardware and larger gauge cabling.

Electric powered cart battery technology has greatly improved over the last few years, so older models can benefit from a replacement set of new batteries. A new set of batteries will transform the performance of an older electric cart, bringing back the strong pulling power with the torque that was lost with aging batteries.

2. Speed Controller.

Modern electric carts use a PWM (pulse width modulation) speed controller which is a computer that sends pulses of power to the motor thousands of times per second. Very short pulses cause the motor to go slowly. Long pulses cause it to go fast.

Upgraded performance speed controllers are available from 500-800amp ratings and can be used to provide more torque for carts with backseats, cargo beds or for use on especially hilly terrain. With a performance speed controller it may be necessary to upgrade the power cables to at least 4 gauge.

Most performance speed controllers will work on 36 volt or 48 volt carts. You can either purchase a replacement performance motor controller combo or visit a dealer, who can re-program your existing controller for more speed. Typically you will loose low end torque when a controller is re-programmed for more speed. If that doesn’t give you the driving characteristics that you require, a new motor and high output controller will allow you to keep your low end torque.

1. Replace Electric Motors.

Replacing the stock electric motors in your battery powered cart with performance motors will give an increase in speed and torque. The extra torque allows you to carry heavier cargo loads or more people in the electric cart. For multi-passenger electric limos, performance electric motors are a must.

No matter what motor you may need, find it here at GCCOnline. Stock replacements, high speed, high torque, and many others in between.


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