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Gas Golf Carts for the Golf Course

Gas Golf Cart on the Course

A typical gas cart on the course

Gas golf carts are vehicles that were designed for use on the golf course to assist golfers with carrying their equipment and saving the players’ energy around hilly golf courses. A standard golf car is usually restricted to a top speed of around 15mph, weighs 900-1000 pounds and measures 4′ x 8′ x 6′ high.

Most gas golf carts for sale have a bench seat that accommodates two players, and has a bag rack at the rear that carries two bags. Some carts that have extra rear seating for two passengers can be converted back to golf use by the addition of a temporary bag rack. This is a good way to convert a flat bed gas engined cart or a four passenger cart temporarily back into one that can be used around a golf course.

Nobody likes playing with damp equipment, so to shield your bag and clubs from the elements on rainy days, nylon canopies can be attached to the cart’s roof that fold down protecting your equipment.

Windshields: Protection from Errant Golf Balls

To ensure golfer safety on the course, a gas cart must have a shatter proof windshield that protects the occupants from injury by errant golf balls. The windshields are usually made from crack-resistant 3/16″ thick acrylic and can be tinted or clear.

Many gas powered golf carts come with a one piece windshield from the factory that provides the advantage of always providing a safe environment for the occupants. Many owners who have a used cart opt to install an after market folding hinged windshield that can fold open to provide cool air to the golfers on hot days. For cold mornings, the windscreen can be fully closed to provide a little more warmth.

Gas Cart Enclosures

For more protection from the elements for the passengers on rainy or cold days, rain enclosures can be attached to three sides of the cart and include two opening doors. For maximum convenience some enclosures come with hinged doors that swing open easily and can folded fully open and secured or can be removed completely.

Zippered doors are less friendly to use but can be rolled up out of the way and attached to the top of the canopy roof. Many of these full enclosures also include a canopy to protect the bags and clubs from the elements.

Most canopies are made from marine grade vinyl and are resistant to mildew and the sun’s UV rays, so their color will not fade over time. Talking of color, many different colors and patterns are available, so you can look unique and stand out when the rain pours down.

Cart Accessories

To make a golfers life easier around the course many cart accessories are available. Seat covers and floor mats make the inside of the cart a lot more pleasant for the occupants and can be bought in many different colors and designs to suit all individual tastes. For extra safety, seat belts can be installed to help protect passengers in the event of a roll over.

Many standard carts come with some storage capabilities from the factory, but many owners add cell phone holders and for those hot days, extra drinks holders. To keep all your extra balls, tees, towels and other miscellanea organized during your round, under seat storage trays are a perfect solution and can save time when preparing for your next shot.

Keeping your balls and clubs clean during the round is important to every golfer. To make this easier, a combination club and ball washers can be attached to your gas cart on the rear fender. After each shot reach for the sand and seed bottle kit that is attached to the bodywork to repair your divot.

Whichever gas carts for sale on eBay you intend to buy or already own, there are a plethora of accessories available that will allow you to make your ride a comfortable and efficient space during your round.


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