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Gas Golf Carts Overview

Gas Golf Cart at Work

A 4 passenger gas powered cart

Gas golf carts were originally designed for use on the course, carrying two or four players and their clubs with less effort than the usual method of walking. This is particularly of concern to the senior golfer or a golfer with restricted mobility.

Manufacturers soon discovered that gas engined carts were suitable for many more uses beyond golfing and offered several advantages over traditional ATV’s. A golf car is now classed by many in the industry as a “utility vehicle” as its usage has spread from the country club to hunting, farming and to other commercial and personal uses.

Typically a standard model is restricted to less than 15mph, weighs 900-1000 pounds and measures 4′ x 8′ x 6′ high. This makes them extremely safe to operate and easy to maneuver over rough terrain, unlike ATV vehicles.

Although they have a lower maximum top speed than an ATV, this is more than offset with the increased carrying capacity and flexibility in its range of use. Buyers will often purchase a cart for one particular purpose, but quite quickly find it is suitable for many more tasks and wonder how they ever managed without one!

In many applications these “utility vehicles” are practically the same as a standard gas powered cart, but have extra seating or a flat cargo beds on the back for carrying equipment or supplies.

Many specialist load hauling applications require a utility vehicle to be built from the ground up, others are basic golf cars but have modified heavy duty suspension lift kits to traverse rough terrain or to carry extra people.

Whatever your intended use for a gas cart you will find this website full of useful information that will help you make an informed choice during the buying process, and enjoy the experience of ownership.

Gas Carts vs. Electric Carts

Many country clubs are replacing their gas engined carts with electric versions as they are considered to be more environmentally friendly; quieter and less polluting in operation.

Electric golf carts have improved over the years and are now seen as the preferred choice for golf courses and personal travel usage. But, a gas powered cart still has some advantages over the newer electric technology.

With a gas engined model you can always carry extra cans of gas providing a massively increased range for all day use. This is a significant advantage over electric carts in outdoor environments, in applications such as farming or hunting, as you will not want to return to your base to charge after only a few hours.

Another advantage is that the engine in a gas engined utility vehicle will provide more power than the electric equivalent, which is vital if your application requires that extra towing or hauling power.

How to Choose a Gas Cart

When deciding to buy a utility vehicle or a gas cart for sale are suitable for your application you will need to take into account whether it’s for commercial or recreational use.

If you intend to drive in outdoor environments, on dirt or gravel roads or over rough or hilly terrain for example, your gas powered cart will have to come with upgraded suspension that is more suited to these conditions.


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