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Golf Cart Lift Kits – Suspension, Tires and Wheels

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Aftermarket Custom Suspension

One of the most popular modifications to a gas or electric cart that an owner can make is to raise the suspension of the cart using one of the many types of golf cart lift kits. The biggest increasing market for golf car use are off-roading, outdoors-men and hunting applications. These types of owners have special needs for their vehicles including custom wheels, off road tires and golf cart suspension lift kits that will enable them to reach remote areas and extremely rough terrain, including muddy and snow covered ground.

If you need to drive off road then modifying your suspension is what you need to do, with the high 8 inch lift kits allowing you to handle even the most extreme of off-road terrain. Cart suspension lift kits will also give a more aggressive stance and allow you to fit larger wheels and tires combination.

Installing a lifting kit will allow 4 to 8 inches of extra ground clearance, depending on the lift kit fitted and wheel combination, giving more suspension travel allowing the cart to traverse rougher ground with ease. The kits usually completely replace your stock front suspension and include rear spring riser parts.

Golf Cart Lift Kit and Custom Wheels

Lifted E-Z-Go with aluminum wheels

When looking for cart lift kits, you will need to specify the manufacturer and model that you own as a specific kit will be required for each type. Also, bear in mind that the maximum suspension lift may not be achieved unless the correct diameter wheels are also installed. Due to this fact, many combination wheel, tire and lift kit packages are available with the correct wheels to get the maximum lift.

Adjustable Suspension Kits

For the ultimate suspension package, adjustable lift kits can be purchased for some models that include race car like double wishbone suspension arms and coil over shocks. These golf car suspension kits can increase the ride height over 10 inches and allow the fitment of large diameter wheels and chunky all-terrain tires.

The adjustable suspension allows the driver to setup a longer travel, high ride height for off-roading and a lower level for on-road driving.

Aftermarket Wheels and Tires

Just like your road car, installing custom wheels will give your ride an immediate improvement in looks that will cause envious stares from onlookers. Many owners who use their golf car for all-terrain use, such as hunting or other outdoor uses, will also change wheels and tires to give more grip on poor surfaces.

Custom Wheels

Wheels are usually made from steel or aluminum, and are available in painted or polished finishes. Wheels for golf carts are made in two mounting styles, center mount and negative offset. If you have used a lift kit on your cart then you will probably need negative offset wheels in order to avoid the tires rubbing any bodywork.

Wheels are available in many different styles to suit all tastes and can be a great way to immediate improvement in the look of your cart.

Cart Tires

Tires have treads which are produced in many different patterns that are suited to various types of terrain. From almost smooth treads for driving on golf course paths to chunky treads for muddy off-road terrain, your choice of tires will depend on where you intend to drive.


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